April Bird Banding at GCBO

We had an interesting bird banding session last Saturday. In spring we always hope for some colorful migrants and today we were not disappointed. We caught a beautiful male Indigo Bunting, a Northern Parula, several Common Yellowthroats and four Yellow-breasted Chats to help the color component.

YBCH resized NOPA resized

Other migrants included Northern Waterthrush, Swainson’s Thrush, and Wood Thrush.

WOTH resized SWTH resized NOWA resized

We also have several very interesting recaptures. A male Eastern Bluebird turned up in the nets that was originally banded in July 2009 as a second year bird making him six years old. Also six years old was a Tufted Titmouse orginially banded as a hatch year bird in June 2008. Two really special White-eyed Vireo recaptures included one originally banded in July 2012. This bird has nested here at GCBO each of the last three years after spending the winter elsewhere. The other White-eyed Vireo was banded in June 2011 and has also nested here the last four years. This kind of site fidelity in birds is really interesting! We are happy that our sanctuary provides good nesting habitat for so many species.

The complete list from Saturday:

Mourning Dove – 1 new

White-eyed Vireo – 1 new, 2 recap

Tufted Titmouse – 1 new, 2 recap

Carolina Wren – 6 new,  1 recap

Gray Catbird – 2 new

Eastern Bluebird – 1 recap

Swainson’s Thrush – 1 new

Wood Thrush – 2 new

Northern Parula – 1 recap

Northern Waterthrush – 4 new

Common Yellowthroat – 4 new

Yellow-breasted Chat – 4 new

Lincoln’s Sparrow – 1 recap

Northern Cardinal – 2 new, 1 recap

Indigo Bunting – 1 new

Red-winged Blackbird – 3 new

Total: 32 new, 9 recap


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